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  ~Welcome to Bartonville~


Village of Bartonville
  5912 S. Adams Street
  Bartonville, Illinois  61607

The Village of Bartonville, Limestone Township,
Peoria County, Illinois, 
is a Municipality of the
State of Illinois.  It was incorporated in 1903.

The Village of Bartonville is a member of the
Illinois Municipal League; Illinois Police and
Fire Commission; Illinois Association of Chiefs
Police County Association of Chiefs of Police;
and Multi-County Narcotic Enforcement Group

The Village of Bartonville has a population
residents and 8 square miles. The Village of
Bartonville has a Mayor and Board of Trustees
form of  government, elected by the residents of
the Village 
of Bartonville.

Funding for operation of the Village of Bartonville
is done every fiscal year
May 1 through April 30 by
adoption of an Appropriation Ordinance and Levy. 
Operation of the Village of Bartonville is dependent
upon Peoria County real estate taxes, Municipal
sales taxes, State income taxes, State replacement 
taxes, State auto rental taxes, fees for permits and
licenses, fees for park usages, ordinance fines,
parking ticket fines, telecommunications, cable,
electrical  franchises, and miscellaneous other
               COUNCIL MEETINGS
                            6:00 PM
February 12, 2018 & February 26, 2018
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 2018 Monthly Pickup -To Be Announced

 Government, elected by the residents of the Village of Bartonville.
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