Randy Sweeter - Superintendent

1607 W Garfield Ave.
Bartonville, IL. 61607

Monday - Friday 7a.m. - 3p.m
Office: 309-
    Fax: 309-633-2061

The department consists of a superintendent, 5 full time employees, a part-time administrative assistant and a small crew of seasonal employees to:

  • Maintain 32 miles of streets
  • Maintain the Storm Water Drainage System
  • Mow all common grounds, cemeteries and parks
  • Maintain Village Buildings & Properties
  • Maintain Trucks, Equipment & Service Police Vehicles

If you live in the Bartonville area, but outside Village limits, you can check the Peoria County Highway Department's website to find out who maintains your road.

Village of Bartonville
Permit for a Right of Way Opening
Ordinance 1572 (Chap 54 Article II)
Requesting Permit Information, Form & Instructions:
Click on "Row Permits" (below Step 4)
2. Fill Out Permit Form (1st page)
3. Email Row Permit Form:
4. Village of Bartonville Public Works will e-mail the permit to customer.

2.3 MB
 Approval Signature (Required) 

                                                            Snow & Ice Removal


Priority 1 - Hills & Main Streets
Priority 2 - Residential Neighborhoods
Priority 3 -

Many Village streets are narrow, have dead ends & cul-de-sacs and are time consuming & difficult to plow, especially while maneuvering around parked vehicles.

A parking ban is put into effect when 3" of snow is forecasted.  This enables crews to clear streets in a timely manner, while protecting resident's vehicles.  Violators will be ticketed by the Bartonville Police Department.

We first open the driving lanes of the street and then plow to the curb after all of the streets have been opened.  Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid plowed snow from piling at the end of driveways.  If possible, residents may want to wait until their street has been plowed before clearing their driveways.
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